11 things must stop on the iPhone You may not know

If you are the one who loves and cherishes the iPhone. You may not even know that. Some actions do not work well for your iPhone, especially the following 11 things.

You never shut down: You should shut down some phones. At least once a week it is still good. Because the power to leave forever. The battery deteriorate faster than it should. And leave it like that. It makes the battery work harder. Experts say For people using the iPhone as an alarm clock. It seems to be an alarm clock too expensive. Try to find a cheap alarm clock to use it better than the iPhone to give it some rest.

Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth at all times: turn on one or both of them at all times. Wastes energy Because in our daily life, we do not use WiFi and Bluetooth at all times should close and activate only at the time you want to use.

Use the phone in bad weather: Extremely bad weather, such as overheating. Or too cold Not good The weather conditions that are ideal for phone use are 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, if more or less. It should not be used. Because it will eat a lot of battery. Perhaps the machine shut itself down suddenly. If you need to go into extreme weather conditions, the polarity It should be off before iPhone. Or at least put it in the pocket.

Plug in all night: Charging while we sleep at night is convenient. But not the right way Because the charger for a long time often. Will damage the battery. Experts say We should pull the charger out. Before the battery is 100 percent full. Try charging in the daytime. Or set the charging time. Would be better
Full charge And the use of exhaustion: both. Not good for lithium-ion batteries together. For the iPhone. The right spot is between 50 and 80 percent because the charge is too full. It will bring the battery to a point called the deep discharge state, which makes the ion. Deterioration efficiency Apple said. The most ideal charging method. It’s like eating. Must have both hands. And snacks during the day

Using the charger That’s not Apple: True. Apple’s equipment is expensive, but it’s worth the investment. If we use a charger of another brand. May damage the iPhone. The more imitations It’s even more risky. Both fires and explosions.

Do not clean the iPhone: Phone is dirty too. Same Seat Sanitary Seat Pet food plate Phone has many germs. Apple recommends that. Use a soft cloth. to clean up All around the body and ports because of dirt. It can be attached to the niche.

The iPhone goes into the secret: iPhone is in the dark. And that is the goal of thieves in 2013. It is reported that about 40 percent of stealing in big cities in the United States is theft of mobile devices. So if it goes into space. At risk Should not be used.

No Password: Over half iPhone users In this case, if the stolen device is opened, it should be opened easily. So, we should protect our personal information.

Turn on location all the time: multiple apps like Uber and Maps when used. Open to access Location service. When finished, it should close. By visiting Settings> Privacy> Location Service to see the usage. And close unnecessary apps.

Turn on notifications for all apps: Opening this notification Make the phone work all the time. This will waste battery. Because both the monitor and the light will work every time the phone is notified by the service. To close it, go to Setting> Notification. And choose only open apps that are important enough.

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