‘FaceBook’ aims to do a free digital skills training project in France.

‘FaceBook’ aims to do free digital skills training in France

‘เฟซบุ๊ก’ เล็งทำโครงการฝึกทักษะดิจิตอลฟรีในฝรั่งเศส

Facebook aims to set up a free digital skills training program across France, helping over six thousand people find work and set up their own businesses.

Facebook said on Monday. The free digital skills training program will be provided free of charge to French citizens. They will work with the National Office of Unemployed People to help train computer skills for 50,000 job seekers until the end of 2019.

The project also includes plans to work with 15,000 French women who want to set up their own businesses. Facebook will provide an intensive computer skills training course for 3,500 women across the city. More than 11,500 people will be able to join the program through online courses.

The statement of Facebook. The company hopes to help millions of people and new business owners by 2020, and at the same time. They revealed that they would increase their investment in AI technology in France by an additional € 10 million (€ 389 million), which would enable Facebook to increase the number of researchers at the AI ​​Center in Paris. Two more times to 60 people.

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