iPhone 8 Junior comes with rechargeable wireless remote.

iPhone 8 Junior comes with rechargeable wireless remote after Apple pulled its professionals, particularly as new suppliers.


The flagship smartphone, the world wanted to see the most this year was inevitable as the iPhone version of the iPhone 8 with the 10th anniversary, so I was expecting a lot in terms of design and features. One of the new features that are expected in the iPhone 8 is a feature wireless charging (wireless charging), which recently began to shape up when it was reported that Apple had pulled Texas general pattern Irvine new entry. to produce the necessary hardware for wireless charging it. It may charge several meters too far.

The new supplier is called Lite-On Semiconductor. A company that specializes in technology for wireless charging of Taiwan, where Apple has designated as the supplier of components called rectifier full wave bridge GPP (GPP bridge rectifier) ​​for the iPhone 8 to accommodate technology, wireless charging period. far The report states that Order parts for wireless charging that Lite-On Semiconductor has acquired the 50% of iPhone 8 resulted in the share price of Taiwan suppliers this has shown a rise of 10% in a short time. Fast

Earlier reports indicated that Apple might pull its Energous specialized technology, wireless charging and company Dialog specialist chipmaker, to be suppliers to share technology, wireless charging top iOS devices without having to turn to. relying on hardware from competitors like Samsung, even now turning to shake hands with the Taiwanese company, but it is possible that Apple may have to deal with Energous and Dialog as well in the future.

Charge feature wireless remote is one of the features that iPhone users need it most. Charging without a cable attached to the release of the release of the plug and charging cable, allowing players to move freely. To go to the Corner Play anywhere, which makes the iPhone look more attractive after so many people are frustrated with the monotony of the iPhone 7 recently launched in September last year.
Enough with being tethered to a power outlet.

For the introduction of the iPhone 8 will change from IPS LCD screen is OLED provides vibrant over. It can be curved edge of the top panel. Body Design Glass Touch ID system no Home button below the screen, embedded systems and wireless remote charging.

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